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United Christian Broadcasting, Inc. is a full service Multimedia, Consulting, Video Equipment Supplier and Broadcast Service Provider. Our goal is to provide churches and ministries with complete media solutions that fulfill their needs and ensure the highest quality of products and services available.

What is Multimedia?

So what does multimedia encompass and what are the advantages of having multimedia? Multimedia encompasses: Audio (musicians, board operators, stage technicians, PA), Lighting (technical operators, lighting directors, par cans), and Video (video programmers, camera operators, computers, projectors) and brings them all together into a balanced harmony of worship experience.


UCBI understands the need to help congregations achieve their desired audio/video goals. We work with your Pastors, Music Directors, and Operators for the best audio/video solution for your ministry. We will assess your audio/video gear requirements for current and future growth. Our professional consulting team is designed with the church’s perspective and congregation first.

Video Equipment

The implementation of a video system involves many decisions. So how can your church find and implement a video system that communicates, but does not dominate, the message? The answer is to know the end from the beginning; that is, to determine how video will be used in church before the system is purchased and installed. Take comfort in knowing that we will evlauate your needs, recommend the right equipment, provide the training and on going technical support for your church.


We work with major cable companies providing time slots for Christian Churches so that they may provide Chritian content to their community. This provides the means for your church to reach out beyond those in your sanctuary to minister the gospel of Jesus Christ! For it is the local churches that must disciple and walk with the people on a daily basis.